Come Pet A Monster

A place for people to talk to things.

Put on some Lo-fi beats (not included) and say "hi" to some weirdos.

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Thank you for sharing. Its funny because this is something so personal and yet, someone like me who doesn't know you at all and could be at the other end of the world felt as if he needed to see this.

I feel better. Really hope making this journal-like experience helped with your motivation (because it certainly healed mine).

What an extraordinarily kind and thoughtful thing to do all up to and read. Thank you so much. I’m glad spending time in the zoo was helpful for you. Looking forward to seeing your work!

Walking through this place felt like a personal experience and I have to thank you for sharing it with me. Good luck with your future projects. Have strength, confidence and persistence to make them. Can't wait to play. :)

Thank you!